What Would You Be?

Prompt: If a year from now you weren’t in the profession you’re currently in, what would you be in your wildest dreams? (Author: Ryan Allis)

Pursuing Passions

My preference is project work. By profession, I do strategic communications. Out of pleasure, I reconstruct all my professional work into a series of projects. Why? Projects have beginnings, middles and endings. Forever is nonexistent because projects celebrate the concept of completion. That appeals to me despite my intermittent lapses into procrastination. Therefore, if I no longer had my current profession, the possibility of revisiting several latent projects or looking for something new that I need to do would be nirvana.

There would be advantages. My free will and free time would force me to veer off the known travel route to become a more nomadic entrepreneur. With a supply of latent projects, I would do something versus nothing. Out of that something would come the impetus to keep discovering the next steps to get from here to where I’m headed. Money concerns may occur, but making something that moves a neighborhood, a needed cause or a new tribe would motivate me to stick with it until the word spreads and the money arrives.

Professions are proven paths. Passionate purposes are the unknowns worth pursuing. And passions put the life in living.


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