About the Blog

Stories of Stuff explores the narratives touching our souls, shaping our thoughts, defining our cultures, influencing our society and connecting us to one another across the street and beyond the borders.   It is about family and faith, the arts and history, movies and movements, literature and laws, politics and people—all the things that foster and continue community conversations.   This blog is about the stuff that matters in our lives and our world.

About Me

Mine has been a peripatetic life as the daughter of an Army officer  and an individual destined to travel.  My travels have taken me far and exposed me to the largess of people throughout our country and the world who pave the paths for future generations.

By career, I am defined  by the title communications specialist.  My work fuses strategic with cultural communications.  I develop strategies that enhance broader understanding of diverse cultures, communities and issues.  In the private sector, I have worked with publishing companies, an advertising agency and on video and documentary productions.  In the public sector, I have worked with several non-profit organizations and served in the White House under the Clinton Administration.

By life, I am defined by my passion for politics, literature and the arts and my commitment toward serving the greater good.

Enjoy my thoughts about stuff.   But most of all enjoy life!

Flo McAfee


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