Fear – Day 12

These are the voices which we hear in solitude, but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter into the world. Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of it’s members. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Is fear holding you back from living your fullest life and being truly self expressed? Can you be happy being anything less than who you really are? (Author: Lachlan Cotter)

Fearless Faith

Change is constant: seasons come and go, life ends, fear is temporary, and time is fleeting, so I flow on fearless faith. To hold on to anything too long and too tight is worthless and lifeless. When I’m asleep I have dreams and when I’m awake I try to reach my dreams. To try means one day I might stumble, tumble and fail, and the next day as long as my legs don’t fail me, I get up and return to reaching my dreams. That’s who I am.

I understand how temporary so much in life is including the breaths I take on earth. Therefore, I listen more to my inner voice of fearless faith and less to that voice of fear.


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